Android application "My Records Collection"

by Admin  on  14. December 2012 07:03

    We all love music. This simple application scans your library, finds all artists and downloads their discography allowing you to see what release you do not have. The app caches all downloaded data therefore it might be used offline. Just choose to load the artists discography, on start or "Update all" in menu and the app will request discography for every artist it found. You c... [More]

Analysts: Android reaches its peak in the U.S.

by Admin  on  31. July 2012 10:45

  In the second quarter 2012 delivery smartphones in the U.S. declined by 5% to 23.8 million units, according to Strategy Analytics.  The share of the Android platform over the same period last year decreased by 4 percentage points - c 60% to 56%. The share of Apple iOS has increased by 10 percentage points - from 23% to 33%.  "Android is the platform number one on the U.S. mar... [More]

The new Ouya console will be in size with Rubik's Cube

by Admin  on  24. July 2012 11:50

    Designer of the newest Android-console Ouya, Yves Behar said that his team really tried to Ouya appearance was quite unlike the traditional gaming consoles like the Xbox 360 or PS3. "Our console is going to be very small, the size of a Rubik's Cube - he said. - Therefore, it is easy to place anywhere, or take to the road. Side dimensions of a standard Rubik's Cube is about 5.5 c... [More]

Samsung and Google delaying the presentation of the "new product"

by Admin  on  7. October 2011 13:16
Samsung has announced that the press conference with the Google, scheduled for October 11 has been postponed. At this event, presumably, the two giants wanted to present a smartphone based on the new version of the Google Android. Although this is clearly not indicated, probable cause of the transfer of the presentation could be the death of the founder of Apple Steve Jobs. According... [More]

Sharp AQUOS 104SH with Android Ice Cream Sandwich

by Admin  on  30. September 2011 14:06

  Japanese operator Softbank introduced new smartphone Sharp AQUOS 104SH. The most interesting about this device  is that, it  will be running the operating system Android Ice Cream Sandwich. However this device will come into the market in the spring of next year. The new model is very productive and different advanced features. Thus, it is based on dual-core processor TI OMAP... [More]

Google purchases a thousand IBM's patents to protect Android

by Admin  on  17. September 2011 12:41

It looks like Google Inc. continues purchasing the intellectual property of third-party manufacturers to protect the OS Android and partner companies. Not long ago, the U.S. Patent Office has published data showing the acquisition by Google of a large share of patents IBM, which includes over a thousand items. According to Bloomberg, last month, Google has owned 1023 patents describing a va... [More]

HTC Amaze 4G/HTC Ruby

by Admin  on  6. September 2011 11:44

Some photos of the powerful Android-smartphone HTC Amaze 4G(HTC Ruby) have leaked in the network [More]

Google Nexus S

by WiseAdvisor  on  8. December 2010 07:40

People in Google face hard times selling Nexus One and this time they are proud to present Nexus S Which a younger brother of his failed, so to say. Let’s have a closer look at what we are offered. Once it is in your hands you definitely say what “S” stands for. The peculiar thing you will inevitably notice is that is looks too much like Samsung Galaxy S and that is where the ... [More]

Supporting Android Pads in your app

by Ivan.Memruk  on  6. October 2010 06:11

Android tablet devices or "pads", are soon to come to the market in massive amounts. Some of them are already available, but most experts will tell you that the best devices, including one from Google, are yet to appear. Regardless of that, as a developer, you have to be a step ahead and test your applications for tablet compatibility right now. How to do that if you don't own a device? I'll try ... [More]

Changes that Froyo brings to Android devs

by Ivan.Memruk  on  6. October 2010 05:10
Android 2.2 gets more and more massive. Nexus One owners have been running official Froyo for a while already, EVOs are getting the update these very days and only lazy Droid owners (out of those who care) did not upgrade their devices to 2.2 manually yet. Obviously, the rest of 2.x devices are getting Froyo quite soon as well. As developers, we are more affected by new platform versions than con... [More]
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